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Fair as the Moon, Terrible as an Army: Sexual Beings in Religious Community
The Ninth Annual Divinity School Ministry Conference

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In the midst of a heavily sexualized culture, people of faith are longing for constructive conversations that address the sexual theologies implicit in the embodied religious life. This conference will focus on how sexual ethics can be offered up by religious leaders in ways that create safe and healing spaces for community members to bring their whole, authentic selves before God and one another.

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Event Contact
Divinity School Ministry Conference team

Event Information
Friday, Apr 19 2013 at 9:00am - 5:00pm [ iCal ]
Swift Hall 3rd Floor Lecture Hall
1025 E. 58th St
Chicago, IL 60657

Look Who's Coming:
Rachel Abdoler
Denis Adams
Fartun Ahmed
Stacy Alan
Brent House
Michele Beaulieux
Erin Bouman
Leah Boyd
Jonathan Burkey
Olivia Bustion
Hannah Campbell Gustafson
Laurie Carver-Estes
Mumtaz Champsi
Brian Covell
Third Unitarian Church
Robin Danielle Cox
Patrick Derdall
Jennifer Dixon
Jeffrey Doane
Randall Doubet-King
Benjamin Dueholm
Ryan Fordice
Megham Freytag
Jeremy Fuzy
Gail Goldschmidt
Janna Gonwa
Paul Goodenough
Christopher Hanley
John Harness
Michelle Harrington
Ellen Havdala
Timothy Hiller
Katie Hines-Shah
Redeemer Lutheran Church
Jonathan Holtmeier
John Houck
Lee Hull Moses
Shawn Hutchinson
Mary Jebbia
Eleanor Kahn
Elijah Kindred
Anne Knafl
Dan Kuckuck
Mark Lambert
Michael Le Chevallier
Christina Llanes
Allison Lundblad
Erin McCarthy
Alexandra McCauslin
Madison McClendon
John Modschiedler
Daniel Morris
Redeemer Lutheran Church
Margaret Nancarrow
Teresa Owens
Hyein Park
Seth Patterson
Margaret Potthoff
Kathryn Ray
Zaiga Robins
Kyle Roggenbuck
Winnifred Scott
John Siangho
Andria Skornik
William Storm
Michael Swartzentruber
Walter Thorne
Christopher Unseth
Elizabeth Weigel
... a total of 69 guests.